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Introducing Custom Medical Shoe Fitting at Marathon Sports/ Fleet Feet Minneapolis

FF/MS is the first Footwear retailer in Minnesota and one of the select few in the world to be able to offer this service by a board certified medical professional.  Dr. Langer is a nationally recognized expert on footwear and injuries. He has been quoted in Runner’s World, Running Times, Competitor and Triathlonmagazines as well as the New York Times and numerous other publications.  He is a published author of many peer-reviewed works on footwear and lower extremity injuries.  He has also delivered academic lectures at national medical conferences including at the Boston Marathon Medical Symposium. Dr. Langer learned to fit shoes as a student and has treated thousands of runners and walkers over the last 18 years.  Dr. Langer’s unique perspective combines his experience as a shoe fitter, runner, researcher and sports medicine podiatrist.

This $50 Custom Service Includes:

* A thorough assessment of running /fitness training program, injury history, concerns and training goals as well as current footwear

*   Biomechanical assessment utilizing scientifically validated methods,  Dynamic and static physical exam of lower extremities. Additional exam technologies may be used on an as-needed basis. These include; Computerized pressure mat analysis, video gait analysis, accelerometer analysis

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