How To Make Dad Feel Like He Won A Marathon

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

Father's Day is this coming Sunday, and here at Fleet Feet Marathon Sports, we want to make all dads feel like they won a marathon! Or... close to it with the gift guide we put together. 

The perfect gift set for your athletic father. Here. you are covering all the bases of a great pair of non-cotton, high thread count socks, the comfiest pair of underwear he owns from Saxx, a gift card, body glide, and Ucan. Complete with a miniature shoe box that is a perfect size to put these gifts in. 

Your father has been a strong, supportive foundation for you and your dear loved ones, and it's time to think about the foundation of his feet. We carry various Superfeet styles to make sure we find the comfiest pair that fits dad's feet. In addition, we carry OOFOS sandals that support your arch, perfect for the hot summer days ahead! We also want to go beyond just the arches of the feet, we want to make sure dad is recovering and taking care of his sore muscles. Gifts from Addaday and Trigger point would help dad on the road to recovery, and the run the next day. 

Brooks introduced the update with the Glycerin 15. This update provides an overall improved softer and cushioned ride, perfect for a dad on the go! Other noteworthy shoes that dad may be keen on is the Mizuno Wave Sky, the latest from Mizuno offering a plush yet energetic shoe. The Kayano 24 also improved its overall fit and feel with a softer upper mesh and a more traditional Kayano fit from Asics. Not sure what dad is looking for? The greatest gift you can give dad is the gift of our excellent customer service with a Fit Process! We will walk him through a gait analysis, try on shoes, socks, insoles, and answer all of his running and walking questions! We want to make sure dad s feeling his best and staying on his feet. 

Not only does dad want to be comfortable while he's out walking the lakes, he wants to be cool (both in temperature and in style). We have technical apparel from some of the top brands like Nike, Asics, Brooks, and others. We can also offer to heat pres our iconic 'I Heart the Lakes" print on any apparel purchased as well. 


We look forward to helping you gear up and get dad fit for shoes for Father's Day! 

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