Make 2017 your year

New Year New Goals

 Want to run your first 5k? Here at Marathon Sports, we will guide you through our detailed and tailored fit process. We will get a history of your past activities, aches, pains, injuries, and goals! We will measure, assess, try, and refine the shoes, socks, and insoles because we know that comfort is key! Also, we've known the importance of body glide/ anti-chafe product through our running experiences, and want to make sure your experience is comfortable and chafe free! Another great way to stick to your 5k goal is to sign up for a race early! The perks of doing this is keeping yourself accountable (as well as all the family and friends you'll be telling this about as well) and most early registration fees are reduced the earlier you sign up! We recommend the Valentine's Day 5k as well as the Hot Dash as they are earlier in the year and the temps may be chillier, but you'll soon realize how awesome 5k distances are! You might even want to go further after that! 

That 5k was a breeze! You have the itch to go longer or you have already accomplished these distances in the previous years or months and you are looking for something more challenging. 10k distances and beyond are ideal! We've helped you pick out the perfect set of shoes, socks, and insoles, and maybe this is the time to get a fresh pair or two in addition to some recovery tools, hydration, nutrition, and GPS watches. Some events to accompany your goals can be the Red, White and Boom! and/ or the Victory Day 10k/5k. Maybe even the Twin Cities Marathon

Where ever you are in running, maybe you've wanted to dabble in the trails a bit more. The hype of your family and friends enjoying varied surfaces and a more scenic route. We can get you equipped with the proper shoes and gear! We carry trail assortments in Salomon, Saucony, Altra, Brooks, Nike, and Asics. Additionally, we have quarter length socks, hydration vests, and other accessories to keep you out on the trails! Endurance United also does great trail series runs, for all experience levels and distances! 

What ever your goal is for 2017, we want to make sure you get there. Think of us as your accountability partner in living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Here's to you and your goals in 2017! 

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